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Comic-Con International 2017 - 'Teen Wolf' Backstage Photo Op Kevin Winter/Getty Images for MTV

After six years, MTV's supernatural saga Teen Wolf came to an end on Sunday. While fans and followers are still trying to cope with the ever so highly-anticipated finale, producer Jeff Davis has answers to every query, but especially the most important of all – the open-ended conclusion

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The show definitely ended with a bang, in lieu to the pilot episode and the thrill of it all. Scott and his pack defeated the bad guys and emerged victorious, but was this the end of malice plaguing Beacon Hills? Or is there further danger looming on the horizon?

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Jeff Davis addressed all of the issues from season 6 episode 20. Killing off favourite characters, love triangles, paying homage to one of the most iconic female characters on the show and the reason behind the open ending – he covers et al.

During the cast's appearance at Comic-Con, Jeff mentioned the fact that the series finale was also going to be the 100th episode of the series. Owing to this significant a benchmark that is rarely aced by a show with such heavy fan following, maybe Jeff refrained from killing off another fan favourite.

"There was a time when I was thinking: Who do we kill, how do we make this momentous? And then you have to think: Is this a show where the series finale should have half the cast die off and blow up the show at the end?" he spilled in the interview with EW. "I thought to myself, I don't want to see most of these people die, I want to see them off together again on another adventure," he added.

"I don't think it would've been our show if we'd killed off half the characters," he admits, before continuing about wishing there were multiple other characters that he would have loved to see with them. And if you guessed special mention was laid on Allison, you're right.

The series finale re-enacted the library scene as homage to the strong, fearless icon that was Allison Argent. Being one of the non-supernatural characters, she had a lot to live up to, but the character's untimely demise in season 4 broke a lot of hearts.

Treat yourself to the series finale promo if these spoilers are getting too much for you!

"It was absolutely necessary because she was such a momentous character in the lives of the other characters, Lydia and Scott mostly, and Argent of course. But we want to pay homage to it and a lot of a series finale is tipping your hat and giving a nod to the previous seasons," explains Jeff when asked about why he chose to mention her in particular.

Jeff continues to talk about bringing back Void Stiles and the thrill of the presence lurking inside Eichen House. And somewhere along the line, he also mentions the tough times he's had to debate and totally put off killing a character at the last moment. "There was a moment I told Cody Christian we were going to kill his character off, and by the time we got to around episode 16 or 17, I said to him, "I can't kill you". I think he was hoping for an epic death scene."

Lastly, if you're still frustrated about the ending and wanted something more concrete, he had an explanation for that too.

"We didn't want a finale that said "the end." We wanted it to be an "and the adventure continues...", said Jeff. "I like imagining that they're going off to continue the fight. I didn't want to see an end where they all have children and they're happy and at home. That felt anticlimactic to me."

And if you're still struggling to say goodbye to the show, the cast has a little something for you: