Teen Wolf
Pictured: A still from Teen Wolf.Facebook/Teen Wolf

Teen Wolf Season 6 episode 6 will see the pack – Scott, Malia and Lydia – travelling to Canaan as per Stiles' instruction. The promo for the episode titled Ghosted shows them arriving in a deserted town and encountering another banshee. Canaan holds the key to bringing back Stiles from the Wild Hunt, and it is not going to be an easy task.

Season 6 episode 5, which aired on Tuesday, focused on Stiles and this was the first time the show was checking on him ever since he was kidnapped by the Ghost Riders in the Season 6 premiere. We saw him waiting at a railway station and encountering Peter, who was kidnapped by the Ghost Riders almost three months back. In the beginning, Peter was not pleased to see Stiles there, but they ended up working together, as almost all others who were kidnapped by the Ghost Riders were in a trance-like state.

After realising that a human cannot travel through the portal without dying, Peter convinces Stiles to prove a distraction while he grabbed on to a Rider as he exited the portal. The plan worked, but this resulted in Peter's body being charred severely. He landed in the woods and he was found by Scott and Malia, who found out that her absentee father had brought back the keys to Stiles' Jeep.

It is not immediately known if Peter will survive the burns.

Speaking of the jeep, Scott and Lydia paid a hefty amount of $150 to prevent the jeep from being towed away, and when Lydia approached the Stilinksis with more questions about the jeep, Claudia seemed rather uninterested in discussing about it, once again sparking speculation that she has some vested interest in keeping her son from returning to Beacon Hills. Could she be working with the Ghost Riders?

Another highlight of this Tuesday's episode was Lydia recollecting Stiles saying he would always love her.

Teen Wolf Season 6 episode 6 will return to MTV next week.