Teen Wolf
Pictured: The poster for Season 6 of Teen Wolf.Facebook/Teen Wolf

Season 6 episode 4 of Teen Wolf saw the gang take one more step to find out more about Stiles, who was kidnapped by the Ghost Riders in the Season 6 premiere, all thanks to grandpa Stilinski.

Sheriff Stilkinsi did not want Malia, Lydia and Scott to talk to his dad, who was spending his last days in a nursing home. But the trio broke into the nursing home and was about to get something substantial when Stilinski interrupted the meeting. But the trip did not go to waste, as Grandpa Stiles' parting words — "Go back to your dead wife and your loser son! – seem to have triggered a memory with the sheriff, who later admitted to Scott that he remembers talking to Claudia about having a baby boy and calling him Stiles.

Ever since Claudia, who was believed to be dead, returned in episode 2, speculations have been rife that she is somehow connected with the Ghost Riders, and that they brought her back to fill the void left behind by Stiles' disappearance. Fan theories also hinted at Stiles being responsible for his mother's death, but according to writer Will Wallace, that's not the case.

"Stiles didn't kill his mother," Wallace said in a lengthy Twitter post, adding that Claudia died from frontotemporal dementia. Season 2 saw Stilinski, in a drunken state, accusing his son for Claudia's death, and according to Wallace, those were just the words of a grieving person. He also noted that the sheriff was merely repeating accusations his wife made in her addled state: "She had a degenerative neurological Disease that made her say and do terrible things," he said.

Teen Wolf airs Tuesdays on MTV. Find below the promo for Season 6 episode 4 titled Relics.