An 18-year-old teen has pleaded guilty to the charges of molestation and sexual exploitation of a minor. The teen is accused of molesting his 12-year-old sister twice and pestering her to perform a sexual act in exchange for Korean boy band BTS merchandise.

Deputy Principal District Judge Seah Chi-Ling is yet to assess if the 18-year-old is suitable for probation or reformative training. The teen also pleaded guilty in a district court in Singapore for another charge of using criminal force on his sister. The sentencing is to be given on December 12, reported Today magazine.

The incidents of molestation and forceful conduct took place between January and April this year until finally, the victim lodged a police complaint at Ang Mo Kio South Neighbourhood Police Centre. The first attempt was made in January, when the siblings were alone at home, then again a month later and again in April.

Woman molested by sexagenarian
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In the first incident, the victim had gone to his brother for some help with homework. The teen brother suddenly touched his 12-year-old sister's private parts before she ran out of the bedroom. A month later, the brother molested the minor again in their shared bedroom, which they had got after moving to a new home.

In another occurrence, the brother carried her sister to the bedroom while they were arguing which television show to watch. He molested the teen again, but he left when the sister yelled at him to get out.

But the incident that took place on April 15 prompted the 12-year-old girl to file a complaint against her brother. She had found her brother masturbating in her room. When she went to the living room, he followed her and asked her to perform a sexual act on him in return for Korean boy band BTS merchandise.

The identity of both siblings hasn't been revealed to protect them under a gag order from the court.