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  • A tea seller in Mumbai talks about what made him happy
  • The post was shared by Humans of Bombay
  • The viral post on Facebook is reminding people of the simple pleasures in life

It is often rightly said, "Fathers are the first real-life superheroes". They always go out of their way to fulfill their family's dreams. If we take a walk down the memory lane and revisit our childhood days, we can figure out how many times our own fathers have put our interests first, even before their own.

Recently, a Facebook page called Humans of Bombay shared a story of a tea seller who spoke about his happiest day. The post has now gone viral, with several people thanking him for reminding them about the little pleasures in life. 

Being a tea seller in India's busy city of Mumbai, he never earned enough to give his children and wife a luxurious life.

However, fortune smiled on him for a day. An event was happening at a large hotel, and several people wanted chai after lunch. He made more money that day than he makes in a month. And, rather than rewarding himself for his hard work, he decided to give his family a treat.

In Mumbai, a cup of tea at a roadside stall costs Rs 10 ($ 0.15). 

He took his wife and kids to McDonald's for the first time. His kids even got to buy their own burgers and toys. In India a McChicken meal at McDonald's costs Rs 206 ($3.08) plus taxes.

"My kids looked at me like I was their hero! That's the happiest day of my life," said the father, according to the post shared on the Facebook page.

The Facebook post went viral in no time. It has garnered 2,458 shares and 26,000 reactions at the time of writing the article.

In the comment section, people are thanking the humble tea seller for making their days by sharing his beautiful story.

While one user wrote: "YOU Sir have made my day!! Your beautiful story has brought immense happiness to me today.......whilst you recalled your happiest event all the way in India, you put a huge smile on my face sitting in a house world's away from yours in a town in Northern Ireland," another person wrote: "Damn here when I think about it, going to McDonald is a casual thing. Oh god, thank you for reminding me not to take things for granted. And for many people reading this, you may be their hero too."

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Two years back, another tea seller made headlines. A Pakistani tea seller called Arshad Khan became an Internet sensation due to his looks after an Instagram post of him serving tea went viral. 

He now models and appears in some music videos.