Tanushree Dutta, Ganesh Acharya

One of a leading Bollywood choreographer Ganesh Acharya recently found himself caught in a major controversy when a woman assistant choreographer Divya Kotian raised serious allegations against him. Divya accused him of forcing her to watch adult videos and also said that Ganesh deprived her of work asking for a commission.

Ganesh was also named by actress Tanushree Dutta in her complaint years ago, who made sexual harassment complaint against actor Nana Patekar. Now, the actress has made some concerning remarks in the wake of ongoing controversy against Ganesh. Tanushree said that "its time Bollywood and the other Indian film industries boycott choreographer Ganesh Acharya completely."

"Hiding behind the male superstars who work with this despicable man, he has been abusing his power and position to harass, bully and take advantage of vulnerable young newcomers to the industry," she added.

Tanushree accused Nana Patekar & Ganesh

During the shoot of their film 'Horn Ok Pleasss' in 2008, Dutta had accused co-star Nana of misbehaving with her while filming for a song wherein she added that Ganesh, who was the choreographer, added some "intimate" steps.

ANI tweet

Adding in her statement the trauma and suffering she has gone through, the Indian #MeToo flag bearer said, "Nobody had any regard for me and how much I had suffered psychologically and financially because of the turmoil I went through due to these people. I left the industry because I was so scared and hurt over the atrocious treatment meted out to me on 'Horn ok Pleasss' set.

Moreover, the actress also expressed her annoyance over the leading Bollywood heroes who continued to collaborate with Ganesh even after all the accusations she made years ago. "Even after all the information of fraud, non-payment of dues, sexual harassment of dancers, bullying and intimidation and even physical abuse of dancers is coming out about Ganesh Acharya in the media, if the actors, directors and producers still work with him, it would mean that they themselves are engaging in such acts also," she said.

Citing it as a piece of warning, Tanushree went on saying that many more girls and boys will open up about the misbehaviour and "shady business".

Saroj Khan against Ganesh

Choreographer Saroj Khan had a few days back, also levelled some claims against Ganesh and said that he exploited his dancers by misusing his power and hence maligning the Cine Dancers Association (CDA).