In a heart-melting incident that took place in a Government High School in Tamil Nadu's Veliagaram on Wednesday, over 100 students cried and hugged a teacher to stop him from leaving after he was transferred to another institution.

Photos of students hugging professor G Bhagawan, holding him back by his waist, have gone viral on social media. The emotional outburst of the students also made Bhagawan cry.

Here's what the students did to stop Bhagawan from leaving

The principal of the school, who dubbed Bhagawan as one of the best teachers, said that the parents of a few children had also come to stop Bhagawan from leaving.

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Over 100 students of a Government High School in Tamil Nadu’s Veliagaram cried and hugged a professor to stop him from leaving. (Representational Image)wikimedia commons

"Bhagawan was teaching English from 6th to 10th standard. Transfer orders came on Tuesday. Another teacher came to the school on Wednesday at 9 am, completed procedures and left to join the new school before 10 am. But Bhagawan, who got delayed in the process, was stopped by students," The Indian Express quoted principal A Aravindan as saying.

Like the students, Bhagawan too loves and appreciates his students.

"I was stopped by students when I stepped out of the office. They took away my scooter key first. Then they snatched my bag, crying and shouting loudly. Then they literally dragged me to the classroom. I earned not only my salary but their love and affection too," Bhagawan said.

'Watching them, I broke down. Then I took them to the hall and consoled them saying that I'll be back in a few days," the professor added, reported The News Minute.

Why do the students love Bhagawan?

Bhagawan told TNM that he has been teaching in Veliagaram school since 2014 and had bonded with students by talking to them on various issues apart from studies.

"I have tried my best to interact with students beyond just academics. I used to narrate stories, understand their family background, talk to them about their future, and show them things via the projector. These projector sessions, in particular, were very enthralling for them. They felt like they were sitting in a cinema hall. It's probably because of all these new things I tried to do that we developed a real bond. More than a teacher, I'm a friend, a brother to them," Bhagwan said.

After the emotional outburst of the students made headlines, the education department delayed Bhagawan's transfer by 10 days.