Tamil and Malayalam actress Anumol is the latest celebrity to face the negative side of the social media. She has been allegedly harassed by perverts on social media by sending pics and videos of their genitals.

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Anumol's Post
Venting out her anguish and warning them, Anomol said, "To all the guys sending me photographs of your private parts. STOP! I'm tired of blocking. Also, this one guy keeps sending me the video of his ***** from different accounts as if it's God's greatest gift. Next time, I'll report you to the Cyber Crime cell. Also, for all the douchebags sending women such pervert images, know this. It certainly doesn't result in any other emotion than DISGUST."

This is quite common for female celebrities to face such harassment on social media sites. Singer Chinmayi had called out such perverts on social media on numerous occasions. On one occasion, a person had asked her to send their her pictures and she had given a hilarious response.

Chinmayi Sripaada
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Her reaction can be seen below:

Anumol started her career with the Tamil movies like Kannukkulle, Ramar and Sooran. She also ventured into Malayalam cinema with P Balachandran's Ivan Megharoopan. She has worked in over 15 movies in her career since 2010.

Currently, she is working on a few movies that include Malayalam film Mysore 150 Kilometer, directed by Thufayil.

Talking about the movie with Deccan Chronicle, he said, "The story is set in Edakkara in Nilambur and the distance from Edakkara to Mysore is 150 kms. Though the film can be termed as a road movie, it takes on the very serious subject of Mysore Kalyanam.The protagonist is played by Anumol who is a woman caught in such a marriage and the film is woman centric. It is the travel of the lead character to Mysore, told through a flashback."