Tamil actor Siddharth had recently revealed some YouTube channels spreading fake death news about him. Now, similar news is being spread by rumor-mongers following the death of Hindi actor and Bigg Boss 13 winner Sidharth Shukla.

The actor himself has shared a picture with a 'R.I.P. Siddharth' written on it along with a crying emoji. He captioned it, "Targetted hate and harassment. What have we been reduced to?[sic]" Looking at his response, he seems to have come to the conclusion that his miscreants are intentionally spreading out of hatred.

Mistaken Identity or Intentionally Targeted?
Siddharth is known for his outspoken nature and expresses his views on current affairs without worrying about the consequences. His stands have often rubbed the right-wing sympathisers the wrong way.

Especially, Siddharth is often targeted for his criticism on the BJP, RSS, and his pro-DMK on social media sites. So, there is a possibility of the miscreants intentionally spreading fake news.

Nonetheless, there are also chances of people mistaking Sidharth Shukla for Siddharth. The former passed away on Thursday, 2 September, after suffering a heart attack. A few followers of the Tamil actor on Twitter echoed the same views.

A fan writes, "This is for #SiddarthShukla May be they confused by the name . Bigg boss 13 Winner Siddharth Shukla passed away today. [sic]" Another fans responds, "They should've been confused you with @sidharth_shukla @Actor_Siddharth. [sic]"

However, many of Siddharth's fans have asked him not to give his haters the attention they are trying to gain by spreading fake news. The fans slammed the miscreants while extending their love for the Tamil actor.

Check Out Fans' Supportive Tweets

Chhaya Acharya: Wrong one's are always frightened of Straight one's, so it's obvious people will talk to break and shake you, so give them something more and you just sit and enjoy Winking face but you don't loose the spark that makes You the rarest One you are!!

Sir काज़म: When people see circuses in other walks of life getting celebrated, being hailed for success(sic) and gather noisy support/cheers for bigotry- no wonder more and more people want to be clowns

Success Pradhan: All they seek is external validation and instant gratification Face throwing a kissFace with tears of joy

SHIVA REDDY ADVOCATE: Mad dog's bark relentlessly that doesn't mean lions stop hunting. that's all I can say.

Piyush Kumar Sharma: Very few in our country right now has the courage to speak truth to power and you are one of them. More power to you and take care of yourself sir....

NellorNaiduGaru: Being a celebrity hatred is com

Aʙdu 4 U☝: Leave it Siddharth...we can talk to human who has six senses, but we can't do this with Junglees..!

Suresh: That shows the levels they have fallen in to... It is never a surprise given their track record...

Vishal Tripathi⚽: RW can got to any law level !
Nothing new in this....