Shalinee - Ajith

Amid rumors claiming that the Tamil actor Ajith Kumar, also known as Thala, had brain surgery, a recent report has emerged clarifying that he did undergo a medical procedure, but it wasn't related to his brain.

Ajith Kumar, recently underwent a medical procedure to address a swelling in the nerve connecting his ear to the brain, as reported by Zoom. However, in the latest development, the actor who was admitted to the hospital on Thursday has successfully returned home.

Contrary to rumors of brain surgery, Ajith's publicist, Suresh Chandra on March 8, clarified that it was a simple procedure, and the actor is expected to be discharged from the hospital either on Friday night or Saturday.

Chandra said that Ajith's hospital admission was for a general examination, during which doctors decided to address the swelling. The procedure was successful, and Ajith is in good health, having walked back to his ward from the ICU. Chandra reiterated that the actor is likely to be discharged soon, dispelling speculations about brain surgery.

Ajith Kumar

Expressing sadness, Chandra shared that Ajith was deeply affected by the sudden demise of art director Milan, who had collaborated with Thala on several blockbuster films. Milan passed away while shooting in Azerbaijan, and Ajith, who had spoken to him recently, was shocked to learn about the tragedy. This incident has prompted Ajith to take health checkups more seriously.

Despite these challenges, Ajith remains committed to his work and is currently involved in Magizh Thirumeni's action thriller, Vidaa Muyarchi. The film features a star-studded cast, including Arjun Sarja, Trisha, Regina Cassandra, and Arav. Ajith's dedication to his projects continues, highlighting his resilience and professionalism in the face of personal and professional setbacks.

More details on his health are awaited as his fans are pretty worried about their favourite star's health.