Recent reports from Afghanistan confirmed the worst of the fears for the female population in the country under the grip of Taliban. The fact that Taliban would not let its girls and women hardly get any education, step out of the house, or so much as leave their toes uncovered was a given. But the brutalities would start so suddenly and in such extremities was not expected. At least so soon.

Bereft of female doctors, women left to die but not allowed male doctors to treat: Afghan women recall Taliban days

Taliban is going door-to-door to round up young girls in order to make them "sex slaves" and also fighters in the terror group, claim a few reports. It was also reported in The Sun that an inside source had suggested that Taliban leaders are attempting to kidnap and forcefully marry women after local leaders in Afghanistan were asked for a list of women aged 12 to 45, last month.

Many aware of the developments in the country say that the Taliban is now going to be even more vengeful and extremist in its acts of brutality. This mindset and resolve only sharpened by the frustration of the past twenty years. It was reported in Bloomberg that the move points toward a terrifying rampage that will follow once the harsh Sharia Law is imposed.

Afghan Taliban
Afghan Taliban member.Reuters

As it is, as was expected, women cannot leave the house without a male escort and are being given strict instructions to wear a hijab. The destruction of schools and businesses continues, and on paper, women will be allowed to attend school if the teacher is a female. Goes without saying that the Taliban has also issued a strict warning that anyone defying rules will be, "seriously dealt with."

All the women who can afford, are leaving the country dreading their future. Farkhunda Zahra Naderi, a member of Afghanistan's High Council for National Reconciliation, spoke of her fear that any existing civil rights in the country will be suspended, reported The Sun. She was further quoted as saying, "My greatest fear is now they are marginalising women who have been working in these leadership positions, who have been a strong voice against the most powerful abusers but also working with them to change the situation on the ground."

Ever since the last remaining troops of the US, UK and other nations withdrew from the country, fears for the plight of its female population have not died down. The withdrawal of foreign troops has given leeway and opportunity to Taliban to go on a rampage and destruction.

The status of Taliban in Afghanistan

Every week brings new reports of Taliban inching closer and capturing more and more territories. This week's reports suggested that they have captured more than half of Afghan territory. It happened sooner than expected. Now the Taliban has eyed key cities of Afghanistan, including provincial capitals Herat in the west and Lashkar Gah in the south. Taliban's latest capture is Zaranj, a major trading hub bordering Iran.