Taliban terroristsReuters File

Taliban terrorists killed at least 14 pro-government militia members on Wednesday, August 28, according to official reports. Several civilians were also wounded during clashes in the Rubat-e-Sangi district after a large number of Taliban terrorists charged through the security checkpoints in the Chahardara region of Herat, reported Reuters. 

"At least nine others are wounded in the clashes and the Taliban militants were pushed back after Afghan forces reinforced the area," said Abdul Ahad Walizada, a spokesman for Heart police.

Out of the total number of casualties, 11 were pro-government militia and the other three were armed militants, according to Xinhua

Baz Mohammad Khan, a pro-government militia commander, is also believed to be killed in the fight, an official reportedly said. Taliban officials have not issued any comments on the incident.

The United States is currently negotiating the Afghan peace deal with the Taliban and Kabul government aimed to end the 18-year war in Afghanistan.

Tensions between the terror organisation and the Afghan government have made negotiations between them difficult as the Taliban condemns Afghan President Ashraf Ghani's government and calls them a US puppet.

US President Donald Trump claimed that the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan will take place "gradually" to avoid a political upheaval and re-establishment of the Taliban's reign.