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As they say, New Year's Eve is always the heaviest drinking day of the year. For those who enjoy ringing the New Year with a few drinks, the first day of the New Year will be a little less merry with the head-splitting, stomach-turning hangover.

The following experience of a drunk reveller is one of those bizarre stories you might have ever heard in your life.

After spending the New Year's Eve, a drunk resident of Norway racked up a taxi fare of 18,000 Norwegian kroner (£1,640/ $2,220) after one helluva ride.

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The 40-something Oslo resident, whose identity remains undisclosed, ordered the taxi to take him through three countries on New Year's Eve — from Copenhagen in Denmark, through Sweden, and finally to Norway's capital, Oslo.

The journey took more than six hours. But, after he reached home, he refused to pay the whopping amount of taxi fare and stumbled into bed.

The furious taxi driver found himself stranded outside the home of the fare-dodger. Thus, he called Oslo police as his battery went flat as well.

Upon the arrival of police, they found the man asleep in his bed. The reveller agreed to pay the fare after the officers woke him up — 18,000 Norwegian kroner. A tow truck was called later to help the driver.

According to Norwegian broadcaster NRK, the man has no previous criminal record.

Taking to Twitter, Oslo Police shared the bizarre tale in a series of tweets which racked up hundreds of likes quickly on the micro-blogging site.