Dark Chocolate
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Food habits are said to influence personality traits. A new research conducted by psychologists at Innsbruck University, Austria, indicates how bitter taste preferences are associated with antisocial personality traits.

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The study was carried out on a total of 953 people of which 48 percent are females. It has discovered their taste preferences using two complementary preference measures.

Also, they answered a number of personality questionnaires assessing Machiavellianism, psychopathy, narcissism, everyday sadism, trait aggression, and the Big Five factors.

During the study, people were also offered with a list of foods and beverages which include various flavoured food items — bitter, salty, sour and sweet.

And, the result of the study was surprising enough as the compilation of data reveal that people who like to savour upon bitter foods such as coffee, dark chocolates and tonic water tend to have more psychotic tendencies.

Gin and tonic
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Dr Christian Sagioglou and Dr Tobias Greitemeyer were quoted in the research paper saying, "The results of both studies confirmed the hypothesis that bitter taste preferences are positively associated with malevolent personality traits, with the most robust relation to everyday sadism and psychopathy."

The analysis further confirmed that people who are kind and sympathetic enough are less likely to mingle with those who prefer bitter food.

Given that, Dr Christian Sagioglou also tried to explain the possible reason behind such links between food and personality traits — eating bitter foods could be "compared to a rollercoaster ride where people enjoy things that induce fear".

So, next time you devour some dark chocolates or gin and tonic, there are chances — you might be a psychopath.