With TikTok fever taking over the world, an incident came to light where a woman with a few lakh followers on TikTok chose to leave her husband for opposing her from uploading 'obscene' videos that were 'damaging his family values.'

TikTok, which allows users to create and share short videos with special effects, has become hugely popular in India.Reuters

How did TikTok videos lead to Talaak? 

Nusrat and Abdul (name changed), who were married in 2008, lived in Bengaluru in a joint family. Due to an employment opportunity, Abdul decided to relocate to Gulf leaving Nusrat with his parents in Bengaluru. The couple had a son in 2014. 

According to reports by Times of India, three years ago a neighbour introduced Nusrat to the video-sharing app, to which Nusart found herself getting hooked to. With her pseudo handle, she started making, uploading and sharing videos. Soon her video garnered appreciation and attention from her followers on TikTok. 

Abdul, while working in Riyadh, was taken aback when his friend forwarded him a TikTok video which featured a "raunchy" number by a woman that garnered lakhs of views and lewd comments.

Ekbal Ahmed, a senior counsellor at the Parihar counselling centre, who handled the couple's case told TOI, after finding out that the video was his wife's, Abdul then decided to confront her over several phones and video calls. 


Nusrat claimed that Abdul's friend was showing him a doctored video and deliberately trying to degrade her by morphing her images onto a lewd dance moves. She refused to admit that it was her in the viral videos.

Last year, in October Abdul, returned to Bengaluru after quitting his job. This time he confronted his wife again about the videos surfacing TikTok but Nusrat accused him of doubting her. Finally, Nusrat was exposed as she was confronted with a video which was shot in the same house. 

Reconciliation underway 

Nusrat, finally, admitted that she loved creating content on the video-sharing app as she was overwhelmed by the response she received from her followers. She then asserted that she would continue making videos on TikTok as she has earned the appreciation for her talent, over the years.

Nusrat decided to part ways with her husband. Currently, the couple undergoing reconciliation. The couple, reportedly, wants to split ways and settle the matter with a divorce and will battle for their son's custody.

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Social media related marital discord on the rise?

The couple has approached the police commissionerate's Parihar family counselling centre for settling the matter. 

According to the Chief of Parihar counselling centre, Rani Shetty, "we have come across various cases of social media related marital discords in recent months and have to handle them with utmost care.

"No one can be blamed for their individual actions and we can try only to bring about amicable solutions with counselling. The main purpose is to save the relationship or marriage by mending whatever differences there may be. "