Taapsee Pannu, who recently defended Anurag Kashyap after Payal Ghosh made sexual harassment allegations against him, has said that she would be the first person to break the ties with him if he is found guilty.

Anurag Kashyap with Taapsee Pannu
Anurag Kashyap with Taapsee Pannu.Anurag Kashyap Instagram

Speaking to Mumbai Mirror, Taapsee Pannu has claimed that Anurag Kashyap respects women a lot and never speaks ill about others. "His is one of those rare sets where the number of women on the crew equals men, and they only have nice things to say about him. If someone has been harassed, let them initiate an investigation, let the truth come out. If he is found guilty, I'll be the first person to break all ties with him.

But if the investigation is inconclusive, how can the sanctity of the #MeToo movement be sustained? How will real victims benefit from a power that's come to us after years of suppression? It's wrong for women to derail the movement. Abusing power isn't gender-specific," she is quoted as saying by the tabloid.

Taapsee had worked with Anurag Kashyap in Manmarziyaan. She will be teaming up again for a supernatural thriller soon.

When asked about taking stands on controversial issues, the multilingual actress said that her conscience does not allow her to do remain silent. "If I keep mum, I feel like I am deaf and dumb, someone who can't even stand up for an industry that has given her her identity. I don't understand why we have to live in fear if we don't have any skeletons in our closet. I don't take names because I hate the sin, not the sinner. But for myself, I can't be spineless and heartless. If I am in a position where what I say matters, why stay quiet? Speaking out helps me sleep better," she is quoted as saying.

Payal Ghosh
Payal Ghosh.Payal Ghosh Instagram

Payal Ghosh made shocking allegations against Anurag Kashyap on Twitter. She wrote, "@anuragkashyap72 has forced himself on me and extremely badly. @PMOIndia @narendramodi ji, kindly take action and let the country see the demon behind this creative guy. I am aware that it can harm me and my security is at risk. Pls help! [sic]"

The Controversy
In an exclusive interviewwith The International Business Times, Payal Ghosh made sexual harassment allegations against Anurag Kashyap.

"The next day he called me and to come to his place (Yari Road) and said don't wear glamorous clothes, wear something normal and come. I went to his house to meet him. I saw him drinking and smoking something in another room, he offered me a drink I said, 'I don't drink'. He tried his best to convince me and told me to come in the room, I went inside. I sat, and suddenly he removed his bottom in front of me and told me to remove my clothes. I got scared and said Sir 'I am very uncomfortable I want to leave'," she said.

She added, "He told me that his wife Kalki has gone to the US. She is angry with me. At that time, they were not divorced. He said girls were ready to sleep with me 'just to do one film with Ranbir Kapoor. He was very proud of himself when he said all that."