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The second wave of #MeToo movement is here. Bollywood actress Payal Ghosh took to Twitter and alleged filmmaker Anurag Kashyap was sexually harassing her in the year 2015. The news and allegations have come as a shocker for many, and several questions have been raised since then.

To answer all your doubts about 'what if' and 'why now'?

International Business Times India spoke exclusively with Payal Ghosh to know how it all started and why she has come out and talked about #MeToo in the year 2020.

Experts from the explosive conversation:

Payal and Anurag Kashyap

How did you fix up a meeting with Anurag Kashyap?

Anurag sir on my Facebook friend list and one day my manager connected with him and fixed up a meeting at his office. We went on the said date and day and sir told my manager to sit outside, and I went inside his office. He was talking to someone else, and I was waiting for him. After two-three hours I waited to speak to him but seeing him busy at around 8.30 -9.00 pm I left from his office.


What happened inside the bedroom?

The next day he called me and to come to his place (Yari Road) and said don't wear glamorous clothes, wear something normal and come. I went to his house to meet him. I saw him drinking and smoking something in another room, he offered me a drink I said, 'I don't drink'. He tried his best to convince me and told me to come in the room, I went inside. I sat, and suddenly he removed his bottom in front of me and told me to remove my clothes. I got scared and said Sir 'I am very uncomfortable I want to leave'.

Was Kalki there at his house?

He told me that his wife Kalki has gone to the US. She is angry with me. At that time, they were not divorced. He said girls were ready to sleep with me 'just to do one film with Ranbir Kapoor. He was very proud of himself when he said all that.

Go on...

After some time, I again said 'Sir, I am really feeling uncomfortable, and I will meet you some other time. I just wanted to get out from there.

Did he call you, or did you meet him after that incident?

I didn't meet him after that, but he did call me 2- 3 times. 

Why didn't you complain at that time?

I was very young and was also new to the industry when I narrated this incident to my friends; they told me to file a complaint against him, but I was scared. I wasn't on social media at that time. It's been 11 years in the industry for me, and still, this incident haunts me. I feel like a victim.

What made you speak up now in 2020?

I came out now because I see him, talking about women liberation and feminism. It's all fake.

You said you would file an FIR?  When will you do as said?

My parents are very angry with me; they are quite conservative. I am convincing them for an FIR. They are not as open-minded as I am. They are saying what will the relatives think and say. They are very, very angry with me as I have spoken up.

On industry supporting her

I am glad that Kangana Ranaut is supporting me. When she only knows me from two-three days. Imagine how much she knows about Bollywood.

What is your next course of action?

I have not thought about it. I have already complained to NCW (National Commission for Women).

After this incident, are you not scared that you will not get work easily?

I know the consequences and I am ready to face it now.

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