Adah Sharma

Bollywood actress Adah Sharma is known for her acting prowess. She started her career with the film 1920. Afterwhich the actress proved her mettle time with her performance in the movie like Commando 2 and Commando 3, to name a few. She has been part of several films down south. Currently, the actress is garnering rave reviews for her dual role in web film 'Soulsathi.

In conversation with International Business Times, India, Adah Sharma spoke at length about her role in Soulsathi,  how vital looks are in the entertainment industry, her take on the ongoing feud on social media and more.

Excerpts from the interview:

Adah Sharma

On her double role in the web film Soulsathi?

I play a dual role in the film Soulmate. All the characters that I have picked up in my career I don't relate to any of them, be it 1920 (first film) Commando 2 and 3. I love playing characters I don't relate to. But in Soulsathi, I quite relate to her character. All of us have been in situations where our mind is saying something, and our heart says something these. 

How out beauty is still given preference over inner beauty or (soul)?

A human being is too frivolous. For instance, people who want to adopt a dog, they want a good-looking dog, a good-looking dog, nobody wants to adopt a stary. That's why we have so many petitions over adopting stray dogs. Likewise, we humans tend to pick and choose everything that looks good.

Adah Sharma

At the point in time in your career, were you rejected for looks?

Yes, during the initial phase of my career, I was told that 'you don't look good' and I took it to my heart. Gradually l realised that if they want to reject they will reject me irrespective of however I look. But if I am fit for a role, and have a flaw, they will rake you for a project.

On the ongoing debate on national television over Rhea Chakraborty

I don't watch the news channel, otherwise as well. Right now the matter is too delicate as supreme court and government are involved. I think it is very tacky of an actor (like me) to talk about something that I am not fully aware. Without knowing anything if I make a frivolous comment on social media,  a lot of people might get influenced, and this can affect the court's decision. Yes,  if an actor has some knowledge about it, then they should voice their opinion.