It's a mandate to have an hourglass figure in Bollywood, actors ought to be fit and perfect and meet the standards. Having said that being healthy comes with a lot of dedication and hard work. From cardio to pilates to yoga actors and many more forms of exercise is being followed by actors all across the globe.

However, we have seen Malika Arora, Kareena Kapoor Khan, Bipasha Basu and Sushmita Sen among others have made yoga as a form of fitness in their daily life.  Did you know that Commando 3 actress Adah Sharma is an all-rounder as she practises Mallakhamb, sharpshooting? Not only this she also follows a regular routine that includes handstands, silambam sticks and does Surya Namaskar with her mom! Fitness motivation isn't she?

Adah Sharma

Ahead of International Yoga Day 2020, International Business Times India exclusively caught up with the actress wherein she shared her daily workout routine with us and also mentions how yoga helps in maintaining a healthy mind and body.

Excerpts from the conversation

Adah Sharma doing yoga

Since how many years are you practising yoga?

 Even before the release of my film1920 so it's been more than a hundred years (laughs). I've been doing yoga since I was a child. Since my mother is a yoga instructor. I used to copy what she did.

What are the aasans that you do regularly?

Bakasana, padmasana, chakrasana, adho mukha vrksasana and few more.

How many hours do you devote to yoga?

I don't put a time limit to something. Mostly I do yoga before and after dance. Before the dance it helps open up my muscles and body and after the dance, yoga helps in cooling down.

When you are shooting how do manage to keep up with your workout regime?

I can workout even if I have only 3 tile space. Suryanamaskars are an entire workout. You don't need to move away from a mat and I can even do it in a hotel room.

Which is the toughest form of yoga?

Adah Sharma

Usually, the stuff you don't like will seem the toughest. Learn to befriend your flaws and work on them and nothing will seem difficult.

Stress and anxiety is something we all deal with how does yoga help in calming our mind? Which asana is best to relive street and anxiety?

Adah Sharma

Sit quietly with your mind, away from the phone ...start with 5 mins ..if your mind wanders gaze at a candle's flickering flame ...slowly increase the time. Try to think of one thought while doing this and not allowing your mind to wander. Don't forget to breathe and watch your breath

Who inspired you to take up yoga?

My mother inspired me..sadly she isn't an actor.she should have been and then I could have been on the good side of Nepotism :)

Following a healthy regime and a balanced diet doesn't require a particular day. Follow a disciplined routine to strengthen your immunity and keep diseases at bay. Stay healthy and happy.