Adah Sharma has a tip for those who can't sleep at night and hence feel drowsy all through the day. The actress has shared a video on Instagram where she can be seen performing a stunt.

In the video, Adah ties herself with a thick rope suspended from the branch of a tree. The rope is tied in a way to let her lie down easily in the air while being suspended from the branch of the tree! The actress suggests people who cannot sleep at night to try this stunt.

Adah Sharma
Adah SharmaTwitter

"This is for everyone who has difficulty sleeping at night, for those who feel sleepy in the day...start sleeping like this every night and all your life problems will be solved. P.S. I can't promise humans being attracted to you when you do this...but crows will definitely want to come hang with u," captioned Adah Sharma.

While one is not sure how many Indians would have the luxury or space in their homes to try out Adah's sleep therapy, her fans on social media were not surprisingly gushing over her antics. "You can be a lady James Bond in the movies," commented a fan. Another fan called her Batwoman.