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Taapsee Pannu is neither denying nor confirming the news of her wedding with beau Mathias Boe in March end. Taapsee and the professional badminton player and coach have been in a relationship for several years now. The Dunki actress has said that she had to kiss 'many frogs' before she found her 'prince charming'.

Taapsee and boyfriend mathias
Taapsee and boyfriend mathias

On finding her prince charming

Taapsee said that as she matured and understood the meaning of love, she knew that what she needed was a man and not a boy. She wanted security and stability in a relationship and didn't want to compromise on emotions. "I had to kiss many frogs before I found the prince. But as I matured and delved into my career, it became apparent that what I needed was a man, not a boy," she said in an interview.

"There's a vast difference. I was certain that only a mature individual could provide the security and stability I sought in a relationship. I refuse to compromise on emotional investment, especially considering its far-reaching implications on my personal and professional life. I am resolute in my decision to be with a man, not a boy," Pannu further added.

Taapsee and boyfriend
Taapsee and boyfriend mathias

Taapsee on making the announcement

The Thappad actress refused to confirm that her wedding is about to take place towards the later part of this month. She said that she would not let anyone pry into her personal life and will only say when she feels the time is right. Taapsee further added that she won't let others dictate her terms of making any sort of announcement.

"There's a relentless pressure to pry into someone's personal life, disregarding the individual's privacy. If and when I decide to make an announcement, it will be on my terms. I believe in sharing my life's milestones when the time feels right, not when pressured," she added.