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Actress Taapsee Pannu, who is currently rumoured to be dating Olympic silver medallist badminton player Mathias Boe, has spoken about her past relationships, boyfriends and breakups.

After completing her graduation in computer science engineering, Taapsee started her career as a software engineer. Later, she shifted to the modelling industry and made her acting debut with Telugu movie Jhummandi Naadam in 2010. She has starred in over 30 movies in her career spanning a decade.

Taapsee has worked with several young and popular actors. She was linked with some of them and none turned out to be true. The fact is that the actress, who apparently had some bitter experiences in the past, has kept her personal life secret and has stayed away from talking about it on public platforms.

But in a recent event, Taapsee finally spilled the beans over her past failed relationships. "My first relationship was in class 9 and it was a delay as compared with my friends. It was awkward and funny because the guy I was dating broke up with me citing 10th Board exams," Times Now quoted the actress as saying.

This mystery man was the first boyfriend of Taapsee, who struggled a lot to get over the breakup with him. "I still remember, at that time we did not have a mobile phone. There was a PCO behind my house. I used to call him on the phone and I would cry and ask him, 'Why are you leaving me?'" she added.

When asked about Mr Right, Taapsee said, "I am a Leo, born on August 1 and it is a deadly combination. I like to be the centre of attention in my personal and professional life. If my partner is easy to control, its no fun. I am in need of someone who can match me. I should be able to look up to him and respect him."

Talking about her other failed love stories, Taapsee said in a joke, "Whenever I am in a relationship, I feel like this is it. He is the person and I imagine my entire life around it. But then that dream breaks one day and then I comfort myself with the fact that maybe he was not the one but the next one will be."

It has been rumoured that Taapsee is currently in a relationship with badminton player Mathias Boe the lovebirds were recently spotted on a lunch date. In a recent interview, the actress admitted that she is dating, but refused to confirm that it is Mathias. "I'm in an extremely good state in my personal life," she had told India Today

Taapsee had added, "Now, why I don't talk about it in the media is not because I'm ashamed to accept it, but because if I do, then everything will be centred around that and people will start talking about that more than the work I do, which I don't want. That is the only reason I don't want to talk about it. Otherwise, I'm extremely proud of my relationship status and the person I'm with."