Sushmita Sen was minutely saved from falling on her face. The diva was posing for the paparazzi when her heels got stuck and she tumbled. However, she caught hold of herself before she could fall flat. The video has now gone viral. Sushmita was nothing less than a vision in a beautiful white dress. Reacting to the trip, Sushmita said, "Abhi girte thhey (would have fallen)."

Sushmita sen
Sushmita sen

Sushmita's love for diamonds

The video soon went viral. Sushmita was at the Zoya store in Khar, Mumbai. Talking about diamonds, Sushmita recently revealed that she doesn't let anyone buy diamonds for her. "I do not allow friends to gift me diamonds. That does not happen. I buy them, I like gifting them," Sen told Zoom. She further spoke about how she graduated from a "ten-cent diamond with a pure gold band that had an open-ended thing" to a "after that, I graduated slowly to 22 carat."

Elaborating on women buying diamonds for oneself, she further said, "This I hold to this day. Size matters so that you can let the man know and see that either you match the size of my diamond or the size of my heart. Heart is going to be tough so work on the diamond please and make it bigger than this. It's important to set benchmarks for yourself."

Sushmita Sen
Sushmita Sen in AaryaYouTube Screenshot

Sushmita talks about Aarya

Sushmita Sen made a massive comeback with Aarya which even got nominated at the Emmys. Sushmita's role in the series received massive applause. "I don't think women today in India are 'bechari'. If you want a show in the present time, you can't make something regressive and I, for one, will not work in that scenario. I can't work in something that is regressive, I never will," Sen had said in an interview.