Suresh Gopi touches baby bump

Mollywood action king Suresh Gopi is now contesting as the BJP candidate from the Thrissur constituency in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections. During his recent election campaign, he touched the baby bump of a pregnant lady and blessed the kid in the womb. Suresh Gopi's act may be either an election gimmick or sometimes, he might have done this from his heart, but the comments on social media platforms are now going over the board, and most of them are questioning nothing but womanhood.

Supporters of CPI(M) are blatantly targeting Suresh Gopi for this act, and they are calling this soft touch immoral. CPI(M) supporters on social media have already added obscenity in this touch, and they have even started questioning the moral value of the pregnant woman.

A Facebook page named 'We Love CPI(M)' recently shared the video and captioned it, 'Please meet the new gynecologist in Thrissur'. It should be noted that the page has more than 2,64,000 followers, and this respective post has already racked up more than 400 likes and 253 shares.

Suresh Gopi baby bump
Suresh Gopi baby bump

Supporters of political parties like SDPI have also joined the social media attack, and they are claiming that this touch from Suresh Gopi is against the moral values that prevail in society. Some people argue that only a woman's husband has the right to touch her womb, and it will be a pure act of immorality if somebody else touches it.

In the meantime, BJP supporters have retaliated, and they have justified Suresh Gopi's touch stating that it is an act of brotherhood. They also urge CPI(M) workers to understand the beauty of the sister-brother relationship before making such obscene comments against a lady.

A couple of days back, Mollywood actor Biju Menon was brutally trolled on social media platforms after he extended his support to Suresh Gopi in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections.