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A Surat temple has put out a strict dress code for devotees, banning them from wearing 'skimpy' and revealing clothes. The temple in question, Ambika Niketan Ambaji Temple, has asked devotees to avoid wearing mini clothes, skirts, and half pants or shorts.

"People visiting Ambaji temple must be decently dressed. For the last one year, we have been highly upset seeing youngsters entering the temple wearing indecent clothes. This is why the management decided to ban their entry," Chandrika Makwana, the chairman of Ambika Niketan Temple Trust, was quoted as saying by Times of India.

A board outside the temple explained the dress code for the visitors and read, "Entry is restricted for people above 12 years wearing half pants and skirts!"

The Ambaji temple is very popular in Gujarat with devotees thronging the premises every day to catch a glimpse of the Goddess and witness the aarti which takes place every evening. The temple witnesses at least 3,000 people every day and during Navratri, the numbers go up top 10,000.

Makwana said that it does not matter if anyone opposes the new rule but if they want to enter the temple, they will have to abide by the rules.


She said, "Maa Amba is the goddess of love and devotion. Devotees must know well that they should give respect to the mother, especially by being properly dressed."

She added, "Even if some people oppose our decision, it is okay. If they are keen to enter the temple, then they would have to abide by our rules. The signboard at the entry of the temple has been there for the past so many days and no one has opposed it. We have seen scantily-dressed people going away after reading the notice."