Indian cricketing legend Sachin Tendulkar has been facing brutal attacks on social media after he posted a tweet referring to India's sovereignty, and the way in which the country will handle the issues internally without external interferences.

Most of the people who trolled Sachin Tendulkar were Keralites, and now, Sachin's Facebook page is filled with negative comments in Malayalam. In the meantime, some Mollywood celebrities openly came forward and extended their support to Sachin Tendulkar.

Sachin Tendulkar trolled
Unni Mukundan (Left), Sachin Tendulkar (Centre), Major Ravi (Right)YouTube/Collage made via Photoscape

Unni Mukundan and Major Ravi standing with Sachin Tendulkar

Popular young actor Unni Mukundan was the first Mollywood celebrity who made an open comment on the issue. In his recent tweet, the 'Mallu Singh' actor made it clear that Indians should not compromise their sovereignty and added that issues associated with the farmers' protest will be settled amicably.

"India is a feeling and we should never compromise the sovereignty of our nation. We will face the issues on our own terms and will settle the issues amicably!" wrote Unni Mukundan on his Twitter page. 

Later, Mollywood director Major Ravi who served as a soldier for several years in the Indian Army also came forward and made his stand clear on the issue. Ravi, on his Facebook page, wrote that India has the capacity to solve internal issues. 

"No compromise on India's sovereignty. India has the capacity to solve its issues. External interferences are never appreciated," wrote Major Ravi. 

Unni Mukundan and Major Ravi trolled by social media users

Both Major Ravi and Unni Mukundan had also used the hashtag #IndiaTogether in their posts. However, these posts have not gone well with several netizens, and they are now brutally trolling Ravi and Unni on online spaces for supporting Sachin Tendulkar. Several people are using the hashtag #IndiaAgainstModi, and they are criticizing these celebrities for taking a stand against the farmers' protests. 

"Major, please support our farmers. They are the backbone of our sovereign India. Try to be a good human being," commented a Facebook user. 

"U said India has the capacity to solve its issues then why it's not been solved for almost 6 months. Where have you been for the last 6 months?" commented another user.