Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg voiced her opinion and extended her unwavering support to the protesting farmers in India, but things went awry after a leaked "toolkit" showed signs of alleged conspiracy. Thunberg had accidentally tweeted a "toolkit" document, contents of which advised people on how to show support for the protests. The revelation has not only drawn fury against the young climate change campaigner, but raises the suspicion of conspiracy hatched by an organised overseas network.

The Delhi Police has also taken cognisance of the toolkit, registered an FIR against the creators of the controversial document without naming anyone. The Cyber Cell is tasked to investigate an "international conspiracy" to defame the country, in garb of support of the farmers' protest. But netizens were furious by Thunberg's actions and in a matter of short while #GretaThunbergExposed became a top trend on Thursday.

Greta Thunberg

Despite the suspected conspiracy, Thunberg's support - even after leaking the "toolkit" herself - has brought into question her motives.

Who is Greta Thunberg beyond a climate activist?

A recipient of several awards and honours, including Time Person of the Year 2019, International Children's Peace Prize 2019, Thunberg has received both support and criticism. Her open criticism of world leaders while addressing the climate crisis has met with backlash. Thunberg's activism came at the cost of her school. Russian President Vladimir Putin had described the young activist as a "kind girl and very sincere" but one who has been "poorly informed."

She has taken two stands firmly - becoming a vegan and to never travel by plane as both these things contribute to global warming. It was her September 2019 speech at the UN made the global headlines with "How dare you!" phrase she used. But a shocking revelation came to light Swedish journalist Henrik Alexandersson, who claimed that speech to the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Poland in December 2018, which propelled her to fame, was delivered to an empty room.

Greta Thunberg
Teenage Swedish activist Greta ThunbergAdam Berry/Getty Images

But to protest against the climate change, she skipped school. She took a sabbatical year from school in 2019, which ended in August 2020 when she returned to the classroom. But many have raised the question if she's qualified to protest climate change without fully understanding the reality of it.

"What were Chicken Little's qualifications for pronouncing the sky was falling? Just as Chicken Little was hit by an acorn, Greta has probably experienced a storm and/or a very hot day. That's about it. Without an understanding of reason and logic, much less knowledge of climate history, Greta's argument is nothing more than emotional appeal to "do something" because she believes that otherwise the world will come to an end. At least, to the few sane people left in the world, this clearly shows that the "climate crisis" is an emotional issue to be argued with feelings, not a rational issue to be argued with facts," Eric Kassan, a Quora user had opined.

The brains behind?

With her qualification and experience in the real world, many have rightfully questioned who's behind it all? There have been doubts regarding her sudden rise to fame was whether a well-orchestrated PR campaign.

Greta Thunberg
Swedish environmental activist Greta ThunbergReuters

PR consultant Ingmar Rentzhog's We Don't Have Time climate change PR agency used Miss Thunberg's image to gain funds for his firm, claimed a report on Climate Change Dispatch. Rentzhog is the same person who posted the first publicity of Thunberg's protest on social media on the day of launch of a book about climate change written by her mother Melena Ernman. Too much of a coincidence, one might ask. But Greta's parents were reportedly unaware of the financial gain by Rentzhog through Thunberg's press and have since cut all ties, the Feb 2019 report said.

Rentzhog has denied all the allegations, saying they're all simple untrue. He even denied writing any of Greta's speeches or having anything to do with arranging meetings with journalists.

Based on various theories and speculations, many have alleged that Greta is merely the face and the brains behind her have different motives.