At a pivotal point in the lives of the Winchester brothers, especially Sam, who is pondering the existence of God, "Supernatural" Season 11 is going on a short break just ahead of Episode 8, titled "Just My Imagination".

In the last episode of The CW series, we saw Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) take a break from hunting for Amara (Samantha Isler) and focus on a good old ghost hunt. However, the Darkness is constantly looming over the brothers and Sam is still focused on finding out what message God wants to send him.

While Dean is dead set against Sam praying, because he believes God will let them down yet again, seeing as he did nothing to help them even at the time of the apocalypse. The visions Sam is getting, however, are disturbingly similar to the prison of Lucifer.

If our predictions about Lucifer and Michael being key to defeating Darkness is true, Sam's visions are all about God telling him he needs to let Lucifer and Michael out from down under. However, if the brothers are unable to intercept these messages, God will have to personally deliver his advice to the boys, hopefully bringing back everyone's favourite Chuck (Rob Benedict).

However, the twist in the storyline is Darkness may not be evil at all, and may not even have to be defeated. Seeing as she is God's sister, her revenge for being imprisoned could be in reconciling with God, and not destroying all humanity.

The truth will only be revealed in time, and as you wait for the Season 11 Episode 8, "Just My Imagination", do not forget to check back here for more updates and spoilers regarding Darkness and God and the clearly dysfunctional relationship between the siblings.