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"Supernatural" will return with Season 11 around a month later. But, to help you deal with your Winchester withdrawal till their return on 7 October, we have got some juicy scoop from the upcoming season.

Debunking the myth about "The Bad Seed" being episode 3, TV Line has revealed -- along with some set photos -- that "The Bad Seed" will in fact be the name of Season 11 episode 1. The photos also reveal that Mark Sheppard is a liar.

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Although he had reiterated in every single "con" he attended that his character, the King of Hell aka Crowley, is dead, he is in fact alive. In "Supernatural" Season 10 finale, we saw Castiel (Misha Collins) being cursed by Rowena (Ruth Connell), Crowley's mother. Cas is forced to kill Crowley, and the season had ended with him taking a swing at the demon.

Although Crowley has escaped the fate of death written by his mother, he has to learn to navigate and survive in an unfamiliar world that is inhabited by Darkness -- an unknown force of evil that has existed long before Hell. Darkness is not only a threat to humanity, but also to demons and other creatures.

Meanwhile, Castiel has to find a way to rid himself of Rowena's spell, which is not very easy. She is after all one of the most powerful witches and being under her influence will throw Cas into situations that he is not comfortable in.

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The Darkness, on the other hand, is a hard concept even for the "Supernatural" fans to wrap their heads around, even though they have been through Heaven, Hell and Purgatory. However, it will see the light of the day in Season 11. We will have to wait and see what the powers of this primal force will be, but it is known that it will take the form of a female named Amara.

It has also been confirmed that she will not really be seen as a foe and is not a complete monster. There is no lore about her, and their guidebooks will be of no use in tackling her. So, how will the Winchesters deal with this new adversity?

Wait until 7 October, when The CW will air "Supernatural" Season 11 premiere episode "The Bad Seed", to find out. Check here for regular updates on "Supernatural" until then.