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The team behind CW series "Supernatural" is all set to get back in action for the air date on 7 October, according to a recent tweet from the star and occasional director Jensen Ackles.

Dean of "Supernatural", who recently posted a Father's Day picture with his onscreen brother Jared Padalecki and their children, tweeted a selfie with the comment, "Back on a plane...can only mean 1 thing. Season 11, here I come."

So, it is official that Sam and Dean are back in action, but the first episode they shoot will not be episode 1 "The Bad Seed". The cast and crew will start the filming from 7 July, and according to executive producer Jim Michaels, "The 1st Ep of @cw_spn (Supernatural) that we will shoot for season 11 will be 3rd to air on October 21, 2015 #SPNfamily with @JensenAckles at the helm!" Michaels had also posted a picture of him, looking for locations to film season 11.

He also shared a set photo of Misha Collins aka Cas stacking food all over Timothy Omundson, who plays Cane amid these season 11 tweets. This could very well be a photo from the sets of season 10, because as of season 10, Caine has been killed by Dean, following which the Mark of Caine was transferred to the eldest Winchester brother. And, it looks like "Supernatural" has moved on from the First Blade and the Mark, with pressing issues like the "Darkness" arriving on earth.

Moreover, TVLine has reported the arrival of a new femme fatale for the new season too. "The Bad Seed" is said to mark the debut of Amara, a woman in her late 20s who possesses "an acid tongue and a seductive beauty". She is reportedly an alien who is not very impressed with Earth, but decides to stick around anyway and last for the whole season.

Amara could be among the beings that were unleashed when Dean opened the gates that kept "Darkness" locked.