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One might wonder what can be so exciting or inspiring about a mathematician's life, as the makers of Super 30 chose to make Anand Kumar's biopic. However, after watching the movie, one will realise what miracle true dedication and determination can do.


Anand Kumar (Hrithik Roshan), son of a postman in Bihar, is known for his extra-ordinary knowledge of mathematics. With dreams of pursuing PHD from Cambridge University, Anand sends them solution of a mathematical problem that was never solved before. Impressed by his ability, Anand finally gets invited to be a part of his dream institute.

However, owing to their financial crisis, and no help from local ministers, Anand gets bound to let go his dream. Things turn worse for him when his highly supportive father passes away, and responsibility of the whole family comes on his head.

Shattered and with no hope from life, Anand starts selling papad across the streets of the city to earn bread and butter for his mother and younger brother. However, his fate changes one day when an influential man Lallan Singh (Aditya Shrivastava), who knows Anand's ability, offers him to join his coaching institute as a teacher.

Using Anand's expertise and local leader's (Pankaj Tripathi ) influence, Lallan starts earning in crores by assuring IIT entrance for the kids belonging from well-to-do families. Even Anand starts making huge bucks, and his family is out of any financial distress. With sudden flow of money, his girlfriend's (Mrunal Thakur) rich father also agrees to their relationship.

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However, Anand soon realises how he has become part of the "education mafia", and how he got distracted from his belief that states "everyone has right to education". He then leaves everything behind, and starts his own free coaching institute exclusively for kids who cannot afford education.

Here starts Anand's biggest challenge as he faces not just severe financial dearth, but also life threatening attacks from his rivals. How and in what circumstances, the teacher takes his students to the destination marks the life of the story.

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Hrithik is superb all through the film. All the expressions – from being elated for getting invitation from Cambridge University to facing severe hopelessness, Hrithik showcases all the emotions brilliantly. The transition from being childish college kid to becoming an inspiring teacher, he does full justice with the character.

The kids who play Anand's students also add power to the plot with their expressions. Aditya Shrivastava and Pankaj Tripathi as antagonists do not just show their wickedness, but also add much humour to the plot.

Other supporting cast including Mrunal Thakur, Virendra Saxena, Nandish Singh among others also did a good job.

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Super 30 is blessed with some fine performances and a gripping plot. The movie never turns dull, and keeps you engaged all the way. The story is highly inspiring and at the same time entertaining.

The movie has a strong message, and exposes the dark reality of the big business running around in the name of education. There are not many songs to distract you from the plot.

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The movie does not have many dialogues that make the expected impact. A few of the sequences may appear little too unrealistic, but that is a debatable thing.

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Overall, Super 30 is a well-made entertaining and inspiring film. Hrithik delivers one of his best performances, and the story is highly engaging. This one deserves to be watched.