Sunanda Pushkar
Sunanda Pushkar and Shashi Tharoor.IANS File

Fresh developments in the high-profile case of Sunanda Pushkar's death have once again piqued interest, with reports suggesting that the police are now investigating a list of passengers from Dubai and Pakistan to Delhi on the day of her death. Speculations are that the probe is likely to centre on the role of an outsider.

The Delhi police have reportedly sought a list of passengers, who flew into the capital from Dubai and Pakistan on 17 January this year, the day Pushkar, the deceased wife of Congress MP Shashi Tharoor, was found dead in a five-star hotel, The Times of India reported.

Sources have told TOI that the Delhi police have asked the foreign regional registration office of the intelligence bureau for the details.

However, the police refused to comment on the nature of the probe.

"These things are a part of investigations and can't be discussed or written about. We cannot talk about this," a police official told TOI.

There are also speculations that Pushkar's viscera could be sent abroad -- mostly to the UK -- for testing, to determine the poison that is suspected to have killed her.

The doctors from the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) had revealed last month that the cause of Pushkar's death was poisoning, but had said that the suspected poison could have radioactive isotopes that cannot be tested in Indian labs.