Akshay Kumar has a knack for turning weird situations into humorous ones has not lost out on us. And we caught a glimpse of it when the actor pleaded with the moderator to listen to him. Akshay had joined the Red Sea Film Festival to talk about his films, the film industry and lots more.

Akshay Kumar

What went down

It so happened, that while Akshay was talking about the film and the roles he have played in the 150 odd films he has done so far. While Khiladi Kumar was talking about it the two moderators started whispering into each others' ears. While this could have been awkward for someone else but Akshay turned the situation into a hilarious one, when he said, "Sun to lo." (Listen atleast)

This left not just the moderators but even the audience in splits. The video has taken over the internet with many saying how Hera Pheri would be incomplete without this wit that Akshay brings with him. When a fan from Pakistan spoke about the actor's last film Bell Bottom and how their country was not shown in a good light, this is what he said.

Akshay Kumar

Pak fan questions Bell Bottom

"I'm from Pakistan, your neighbour country. I have a request. You do fantastic movies like Pad Man and Toilet. There is an issue between India and Pakistan as well. Your recent movie Bell Bottom has certain things against Pakistan," the fan said.

Responding to him, the Samrat Prithviraj actor said, "Sir, it's just a movie. Don't get so serious about it. It's just a movie. There are many things like that. It's just a movie, sir."