Karuthamuthu, Chandanamazha, Malayalam serial
Funny illustrations by Sudha Pillai taking a dig at Malayalam tele serials.Ladiessaloon007/Instagram

How often do you see women wearing heavy accessories and costly attires even when they are sleeping? How can someone wake up from sleep with makeup and have a perfect hairdo? Though it doesn't happen in the real life for normal people, the characters in Indian TV serials are way too different. 

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In almost all the prominent serials in Malayalam entertainment channels, we see women dominating all the men in the household or a mother-in-law, who physically or mentally assaults her daughter-in-law, and a son who doesn't comment on anything that happens in the house. And of course, there would be a poor soul whose fate is to weep throughout her life.

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Taking a dig at the dramatic storyline of serials, Sudha Pillai, a columnist and writer, has published some interesting illustrations on Instagram account handle ladiessaloon007 that have gone viral on social media.

Take a look at some of the illustrations here:

"It does not matter whether you have a sex life or not or whether it is good or bad, when you go to bed you should be dressed up like it is the morning of Onam. Always!" Sudha writes.

So true it is. For example, in the serial Chandanamazha, aired on Asianet, all the characters of Desai family wear donnes of ornaments, and one of the characters named Urmila even applies unique and giant bindis that are sure to grab your attention the moment you see her.   

Meanwhile, in another serial named Karuthamuthu, fair skinned Dr Balan married dark-skinned Karthika. How nice of him!

And its storyline is indeed confusing - father doesn't know where his wife is, but daughter often meets her mother and knows who her father is, but father is totally unaware that he is living with his own daughter. Confused? Never mind! The storyline has now changed, the family got united and the daughter has grown up, and now its her story.

"Slapping the wife regularly is essential for a good marriage," the illustrator writes. But this is something that happens very rarely in these female dominating serials. And if it happens, she will definetely turn into a vampire ready to kill everyone standing against her. 

Though almost all the serials have a negative storyline and many comment bad words about them, if you visit any house in Kerala from 7 pm to 9 pm, you will be shocked to see the reality.    

Check out other interesting illustrations by Sudha Pillai here: