Kichcha Sudeep with Kabir Duhan Singh
Kichcha Sudeep with Kabir Duhan SinghTwitter

Kannada actor Kichcha Sudeep has made a strange demand from Punjabi singer Dolly Sidhu after her engagement with Kabir Duhan Singh, who is playing an important role in multilingual film Pailwaan.

Kabir Duhan Singh is one of most sought-after actors for negative roles down south. Having made his debut with the Telugu film Jil (2015), he has played the villain in over 20 movies in Telugu, Kannada and Tamil languages in the last five years. He has two big-ticket projects in his kitty and Pailwaan, which features him in a very strong role opposite Sandalwood superstar Sudeep.

Having taken a break from Pailwaan shoot, Kabir Duhan Singh got engaged to Dolly Sidhu on June 22. He tweeted a photo of the engagement and wrote, "And It Happened ❤️❤️❤️#Gratitude ." His fiancée also tweeted, "So I closed my eyes and opened my heart to the new beginning ❤ @Kabirduhansingh #taken #blessed #newbeginnings #kabirduhansingh #dollysidhu."

Soon after hearing the news, Kichcha Sudeep took to his Twitter account to wish the would-be couple. He retweeted Kabir's post and wrote, "Wohhh...... Happy for u mate @Kabirduhansingh.. Stay blessed... I hope she cooks well.. N feeds u enough for me to look fitter than u ... Happy for both of u,, cheers."

Kabir Duhan Singh's engagement with Dolly Sindhu
Kabir Duhan Singh's engagement with Dolly SindhuTwitter

Sudeep's funny demand surprised many of his followers but it was a pleasure for Kabir Duhan Singh feed him and take his blessings. He quickly responded to the Kichcha star and said that he is waiting for him and his wife Priya to come to his home for dinner. The Pailwaan villain replied, "Ha ha ha ha need your blessings sir and m waiting for you and priya man at my home for dinner "

However, Kichcha Sudeep is seen locking horns with Kabir Duhan Singh, who is playing an antagonist in his upcoming action drama film, which is released in Kannada, Hindi, Telugu, Malayalam and Tamil on August 9. It is one of the most hyped films of 2019 and the confrontation between the two actors will be one of the highlights of the movie.