In a spine-chilling video, a man addicted to TikTok loses his footing and falls off a moving train. Urging citizens to follow rules and not put their lives in danger, Railway Minister Piyush Goyal took to Twitter to share the scary TikTok video of a stunt that went horribly wrong.

Piyush Goyal tiktok video
Railway Minister Piyush Goyal criticised the stunt as foolish.Twitter

The seven-seconds-long video appears to have been captured by a passenger travelling on the train. The video shows a man hanging out of the doorway of the passenger train. Only a second into the video, he almost falls off the train, getting run over as people witnessing the terrifying stunt starts screaming.

The ends with the man sitting up as the train speeds past him and a passenger on the train it asks him to stay still.

Piyush Goyal tiktok video

"He was lucky enough but not everytime. Your obsession with #TIKTOK can harm you and even it can take your life. So just be lil extra careful before attempting these kind of stunts on a running train. Video released by Ministry of Railway and they urged not to try this," said a Twitterati.

Goyal criticises foolish stunt

Goyal criticised the stunt as foolish and said, "Chalti train mein stunt dikhana bahaduri nahi, moorkhta ki nishani hai (Doing stunts on a moving train is not bravery, it's a mark of foolishness)" he stated.

In another TikTok incident, the contract of a Navi Mumbai Municipal Transport (NMMT) driver was terminated after a video featuring her dance inside a bus, went viral. The driver, identified as Yogita Mane, was terminated on January 31.

One of the two woman drivers for NMMT Tejaswini special buses, Mane had danced inside the bus during her rest period after reaching Ghansoli depot.