The new work-from-home lifestyle has increased dependence on the internet, taxing the web. According to the experts, India's per capita internet consumption has increased by 45% due to countrywide lockdown now extended till May 3. 

Even though most people have accepted the new social order marked by quarantines and social distancing measures, even if reluctantly, one thing that everyone unanimously agrees is that self-isolation would have become worse without the internet.

No Quarantine Without Internet

One of the biggest casualties of the coronavirus pandemic during this period of lockdown has been the internet speeds across the world. Since every home these days is packed with multiple devices, the internet speed is taking a beating. This is the reason most streaming services have reduced the video quality for default streaming to put less pressure on internet service providers.

Wifi calling becomes new norm in India
Wifi calling becomes new norm in IndiaPixabay

According to Ookla, the download speeds of fixed broadband lines have fallen sharply for the month of March. For people dependent on the internet for their work or online classes, the following tips will help ensure stable connectivity.

Turn off the VPN

If the streaming service on your smart TV is working fine but the webpages take forever to load, then your VPN may be at fault. Most enterprises require their employees to use the VPN in order to access official documents, Content Management Systems, etc. However, very often the VPN slows down the internet speed significantly. The situation can be remedied by simply turning off the VPN.

Basic Troubleshooting Steps

Experiencing slow internet speed? Turn off the router for 30 seconds or more and then restart it. More often than not, this troubleshooting step alone will fix the problem. You may also require a modem upgrade if you are using an old router. Sometimes your modem may not be capable of delivering full bandwidth.

Wifi calling becomes new norm in India

If the problem is with the Wi-Fi modem, then consider placing it in a central location. Additionally, you can consider adding more access points to distribute Wi-Fi more equitably to all the house members.

Switch to LAN

Wi-Fi can become unreliable if too many people are using it. So if you have an ethernet port, consider switching to LAN with the help of a cable. A wired connection will offer higher speeds and more stability.