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YouTube: Third Phase of Moon

Brien Foerster, an ancient technology expert who authored the book 'Lost Ancient Technology Of Peru And Bolivia' has suggested that structures like Machu Picchu could be actually the works of aliens who visited the earth from deep space.

Foerster made it clear that human beings who lived in this area known as Incas could not build such gigantic structures as the stones that were cut and shaped for construction were much harder than bronze.

Foerster made these remarks while talking to the conspiracy theory YouTube channel 'Third Phase of Moon'.

"The Incas could not have built the megalithic structures because they were bronze aged people and the stone that was cut and shaped was much harder than bronze. Things are very clear and the basic principle of cutting is simple; the tool you are using should be harder than the material you are cutting," said Foerster.

Foerster also added that these kinds of megalithic structures could be only built by advanced civilizations.

"The only options I think we gave are either the Atlanteans or extraterrestrials. Either the Atlanteans were destroyed by ancient catastrophic events or sometimes, extraterrestrial aliens might be here at that time and they contracted these megalithic structures in Peru, and Bolivia, " suggested Brien Foerster.

The video uploaded by Third Phase of Moon soon went viral on online spaces, and it has already racked up more than 23,000 views. After watching the video, viewers of the conspiracy theory channel also put forward their theories explaining the secret of these mysterious ancient structures.

"I think humans have been around for a very long time an even had great Technology but some event wiped us out and it may have happened more than once," commented Frank Rice, a YouTube user.

"Yes! These structures were built in another lifetime before. Don't forget that life has lived and died 5 times on our planet. One of these lifetimes could have had a much higher technology then even we have right now," commented Daniel Mount, another YouTuber.

Earlier, several conspiracy theorists had claimed that the ancient Egyptian pyramids were also built by aliens. These conspiracy theorists even argue that pyramids are holding the secrets to resolve the global energy needs.