Tanhaji, Street Dancer 3D and Panga
Tanhaji, Street Dancer 3D and PangaCollage of photos taken from Twitter and Facebook

Much-hyped film Street Dancer 3D has turned an above-average fare, while Panga bombed at the Indian box office in the first week. Last week's release Tanhaji has fared better than both the new releases.

Street Dancer 3D opens to good response

Both the new films had huge hype and promotions and before their release and they were expected to make it big at the box office. Street Dancer 3D opened to good response, Panga failed to get a good start. Both films got positive talks and the word of mouth boosted their collection over the weekend. They showed a decline on Monday and continue to drop on the following weekdays.

Street Dancer 3D has collected Rs 56.77 crore net at the Indian box office in the first week and trade analyst call it above average fare. Taran Adarsh tweeted, "#StreetDancer3D lacks the spark in Week 1... Non-happening at multiplexes... Healthy in single screens... Lower than #ABCD2 in Week 1 [₹ 71.78 cr]... Fri 10.26 cr, Sat 13.21 cr, Sun 17.76 cr, Mon 4.65 cr, Tue 3.88 cr, Wed 3.58 cr, Thu 3.43 cr. Total: ₹ 56.77 cr. #India biz.

Panga's collection

Panga has collected Rs 21.36 crore net at the Indian box office in the first week. Its current pace shows that it will tank. Taran Adarsh tweeted, "#Panga is underwhelming in Week 1... Unable to score beyond metros, despite family-friendly theme... Miraculous growth in Weekend 2 essential... Fri 2.70 cr, Sat 5.61 cr, Sun 6.60 cr, Mon 1.65 cr, Tue 1.65 cr, Wed 1.62 cr, Thu 1.53 cr. Total: ₹ 21.36 cr. #India biz."

Tanhaji has collected Rs 40.42 crore net at the Indian box office in its second week, taking its 14-day total to Rs 237.87 crore net in the domestic market. Taran Adarsh tweeted, "#Tanhaji is phenomenal in Week 3... Eats into the biz of #StreetDancer3D and #Panga, both. Should hit ₹ 250 cr in Week 4... [Week 3] Fri 5.38 cr, Sat 9.52 cr, Sun 12.58 cr, Mon 4.03 cr, Tue 3.22 cr, Wed 2.92 cr, Thu 2.77 cr. Total: ₹ 237.87 cr. #India biz."