Netflix's Stranger Things
Stranger Things Season 2 posterPR Handout

Stranger Things always promises to get stranger every season and with David Harbour's newest revelation, it has gotten stranger than ever.

Emotionally unavailable and lonely Chief Hopper and Joyce are two people who are unlikely to fall in love, but the script has something else in store for them. At a recently concluded Emmy event, Harbour teased the idea that there's room for love in the upcoming season.

It's the "summer of love" in Indiana and Hawkins is in a celebratory mood. "It's a really fun season where you're gonna get to see these characters experience summer in Indiana, and there's this sense of new relationships. It's sort of a big celebration of love. That's all I can say," the actor said.

Script details are on lockdown, but that's clearly not stopping Harbour. He divulged a little more on what the viewers could expect from a Joyce-Hopper moment in Season 3. It involves late night conversations.

"There will be nights on set at three or four in the morning where Winona Ryder will be telling these stories and I will have this experience where I look at her and I'm feeling so jazzed about my life. And I feel like I'm in love with her — it's a beautiful thing," he further elaborated.

Love and happiness await Hawkins, but has it gotten rid of the Mind Flayer yet? Season 2 ended with the monster towering above the school campus, in which the kids were bonding over dance and conversation. Clearly, there's still danger from the Mind Flayer and team Hawkins will have to come together one more time to get rid of it.

In other news, Eleven is not going to be the only one with superpowers anymore. In the previous seasons, the makers have shown how Eleven shared a facility with other kids that were being experimented. This time, they are all going to show up. Kali will return as well.

Stranger Things has a lot of scope, in terms of the different kinds of topics it can branch out into. However, the makers are most likely to wrap up the Hawkins story by the fifth season.

"The truth is we're definitely going four seasons and there's very much the possibility of a fifth. Beyond that, it becomes I think very unlikely," Executive Producer Shawn Levy told Entertainment Weekly, recently.