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Netflix has finally released all the episodes of Stranger Things season 3. The released episodes bring back the 80s and at the same time, it will make the viewers wanting for more. In Stranger Things season 3, we finally return to Hawkins, Indiana with our favorite kids and the grownups whom we started to love after season 2. Yes, we are talking about Steve.

In the very beginning of the recently released season, we see how Mike and Eleven are experiencing the early days of romance — the couple seems to be kissing each other the whole day. Dustin has returned from a summer camp where he apparently made a girlfriend named Susie, whom he tries to contact by building a giant radio tower. Joyce appears to be struggling with the business as the new mall has attracted all the crowds. Nancy is shown working at The Hawkins Post but is having issues as she is working in a male dominated industry.

As the story progresses, we see how the world has changed for everyone because of the events that happened in the previous two seasons. In season three, we learn more about Upside Down and how the Russians are behind everything that has gone wrong with their small fictitious town. As it turns out, it was some Russian generals who gave a group of scientists a year to develop technology to force open a portal of the Upside Down. In the following episodes, we see how Dustin learns about the Russians through his transmitter.

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In the end, we see a big fight between our heroes and the Russians, who still are behind to open the Upside Down portal by using that huge machine. In the end, Jim Hooper reportedly dies and the day is saved by Eleven and her friends.

Stranger Things season 3 definitely has several jump-scares, frightening moments, and gross stuff. The entire cast has played their part perfectly but it goes without saying that Winona Ryder and Millie Bobby Brown are the two exceptionally gifted actresses and they both have breathed life into their respective characters.

If you start watching Stranger Things season 3, then you won't be able to get up before you wrap up the series. All the episodes are highly intriguing and make you hook on to your seats. That being said, season 3 is far better than the previous season 2 but it does not even come closer to season 1, which proved to be one of the best seasons of any series.