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You can't expect the peeps on Saturday Night Live to stay shut or not make a sketch when Donald Trump continues to make ridiculous decisions and his administration gets questioned and then they give ridiculous replies.

To put things into perspective and funnier, this week the SNL cast and crew surprised us by bringing back Steve Martin, who returned to the show for the first time this year. The SNL legend returned to the show portraying his version of former adviser to President Donald Trump, Roger Stone.

Stone has been charged with suspicion of obstruction, giving false statements and tampering with the witness, as part of Robert Mueller's investigation of Russian influence on the 2016 Presidential elections.

Alex Moffat, who plays the role of TV news anchor on FOX news, Tucker Carlson began the segment calling Trump's shutdown as "Heroic". The segment, started by bringing on to the panel, Judge Jeanine Pirro, played by Cecily Strong. She stated that the country should take the Marie Kondo approach of cleaning up the country and also some TSA agents have agreed to work for her for free. This is in reference to the news when La Guardia airport was not working because workers did not turn up at the airport because they were not getting paid.

Next to the panel was, Kate McKinnon, who played the billionaires Wilbur Ross who had advice for the people affected by the shutdown. They could have liquidated some of their stocks or sold one of their paintings," he said. "I mean even if they sold a lesser Picasso, it's still going to get you through a week or two of yacht maintenance."

But the best part was reserved for the last when Steve Martin turned up on the screen dressed as Roger Stone. Alex introduced him as an occasional weight lifter and an old man who is so worn out that he's "barely able to post shirtless photos of his jacked body."

When the camera beamed on Steve, he was very enthusiastic about the felonies that have been charged against him and exclaimed how all the recent radio and television interviews have left him on a high note.

"I mean seven felonies — one, two — I can't even count that high, how cool is that?" Steve says.

He also made a wordplay on the people's "Go fund yourself" slogan by saying that he has started a crowdfunding programme whose tagline will read, " Hey Roger, go fund yourself."

The Weekend Update even took on Trump and Roger Stone, with Michael Che pointing out the president is one step away from declaring a national emergency and bringing back slavery. Che even made some fun on Stone saying how long he had been waiting to see, " Old white dudes getting dragged out their cribs like dope dealers."

James McAvoy, who's film 'Glass' released just right now, was the night's host. Meek Mill was the musical guest.