Steel railings on footpaths in Bengaluru
Steel railings on footpaths in BengaluruAmal Rasheedali

Redundant infrastructure is the core problem with Bengaluru, where the taxpayers money is being wasted on unwanted constructions all around the city.

While Silicon Valley is facing severe threats such as water crisis and loss of greenery, the civic authorities are more focused on squandering government's money by constructing structures that are least needed in this city.

One of the best examples for the unwanted infrastructural change is the construction of stainless steel handrail on the footpaths. The authorities have constructed the steel railings at many areas inside Bengaluru, mostly at places where these are not at all required.

Disfigured steel railings in Bengaluru
Disfigured steel railings in BengaluruAmal Rasheedali

If you take a look at the picture above, steel railings can be seen in a deformed condition at Sheshadri Road (from Anand Rao circle to Maharani College). In this stretch, railings are constructed on both sides of the road and more than half of these railings are in a dilapidated state and is ramshackle structure. A part of the steel handrail in this stretch is so badly disfigured that it can hurt pedestrians as well as people on the vehicle.

Steel railings in a dialpidated condition in Seshadri Road posing great threat to pedestrians
Steel railings in a dialpidated condition in Seshadri Road posing great threat to pedestriansAmal Rasheedali

It has been over a month since this part (picture given above) of the railing has been destroyed and the civic authorities have not yet heeded towards this. Like many other infrastructural changes in the city, once constructed the governing bodies' fails to maintain any projects and in time, it becomes a bane for the people.

Most of the footpaths in the city are not properly taken care of and the footpaths with concrete blocks are in a pathetic condition with several blocks missing from the path, posing a great danger for pedestrians. Instead of maintaining the already failed attempts of infrastructural changes in the city, the civic authorities are still rallying for more unwanted projects.

However, the steel railings have come as a boon for the street vendors who have illegally made it a part of their business as many vendors have made the railings as a support for their stalls.