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A new YouTube video by a Star Wars YouTuber, Mike Zeroh, claims that the Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi (Star Wars 8) will have two teaser trailers. "One will be shown privately (only shown at the celebrations to certain amount of people) and one will be shown publicly (on YouTube)," Zeroh reveals in the video. Quoting a website called 4 Chan, the YouTuber shares that the source could be trusted since they were very accurate when it came to The Force Awakens trailer leaks.

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According to the video, Zeroh gives details about what fans could expect from the teaser trailer. "The main teaser does not include Luke Skywalker and has far less money shots. The private teaser to be revealed to Celebration's attendees will get three great money shots of Luke Skywalker. One of which is him walking down the stone steps with Rey to some sort of tree," he shares.

The second shot, he says, is of Luke looking at Rey face to face, up close and personal. There was a tree on set at Pinewood Studios, which was seen in set photos leaked last year. "The final is where this gets tricky: It is Luke on top of some sort of rock. I do not know why but there seems to be something special happening here." The YouTuber says that the rock in the scene was spotted on the sets in Ireland, where Mark Hamill's stunt double was shooting a scene of Luke meditating on it.

"The private teaser also has an intriguing shot of a man in some sort of black clothing that reaches out to a door panel, that initiates the opening of some place, dimly lit, with tables and chairs," he reads from the 4 Chan post. Could that be Benicio Del Toro's mysterious character? Fans of the series know that he has been dubbed as the Man in Black so there could be a great possibility that it could be him. Zeroh adds that the background music is subtle.

The article posted by 4 Chan concluded with a disclaimer that their previous article on a Star Wars reveal was taken down and there are possibilities that this one (about the teaser reveal) could be pulled down as well. Zeroh shared the link in video and ever since the video went live, the 4 Chan link featuring the story is not available. Does this confirm that the leaked information is true? Fans have to wait until April to know if the spoilers are true.