Star Wars movie references in different TV series
Star Wars movie references in different TV seriesPR Handouts
Remember Ross's Princess Leia fantasy? Or Sheldon's Raggedy C3PO costume? Or, maybe Barney's Storm Trooper in his living room? The entertainment industry is teeming with Star Wars references.

At one time or another, we have all seen our favourite TV Shows falling back to Star Wars to step up the mojo. Here's a look at the top shows that linked their screenplays to the greatest creations of our times— Star Wars.

That 70's show

The show has many Star Wars references through its run, but one that's especially striking is the episode " A New Hope" where one of the characters ' Eric' dreams of everyone to be in a Star Wars movie while imagining himself as Luke Skywalker and his girlfriend, Donna, as Princess Leia.



The TV show for all seasons, F.R.I.E.N.D.S, dedicates one entire episode to Star Wars in season 3 episode "The One with The Princess Leia Fantasy" where Ross confide in Rachel about his Princess Leia fantasy. Though Rachel dons Princess Leia's Gold bikini outfit to fulfil Ross' fantasy, things go awry in an unexpected turn of events. 


How I Met Your Mother

The TV Show's entire cast is die-hard fans of the movie so much that Barney owns a Stormtrooper in his living room, Ted almost broke up with his girlfriend for not liking Star Wars and Marshal sets up a "Trilogy Time" tradition to watch the series every three years.


The Big Bang Theory

No show has references to Star Wars like The Big Bang Theory. From Sheldon's C-3PO costume from "The Holographic Excitation" to his crazy Star Wars one-liners. The show touches upon the franchise in almost every season.



Daydreamer J.D takes us on a Star Wars ride in the episode "My Two Dads" where he dreams of everybody in a Star War-sy situation where battles are fought with laser pens and the Janitor is a Wookie.


The Simpsons

The Simpsons makes a brief reference to Star Wars in the fight between Principal Skinner and Bart against the Star Wars music score in the background.


Star Wars: The Force Awakens will have a television premiere on Star Movies on February 5, 2017.