Sirpriya upset with Super Singer result.PR Handout

Sripriya is not happy with the outcome of Super Singer 6. The actress has slammed Vijay TV after it crowned Mookuthi Murugan the title of the popular reality show on Sunday, 10 November. She stated that Punya and Vikram were deserving candidates.

Expressing her disappointment, Sripriya wrote, "#vijaytv I believe SS winner is never given to a contestant who is technically superior.Punya&Vikram are musically brilliant among the 5.bongu started from Satyaprakash not winning the tittle எப்பவாவது நியாயமா சங்கீத்த்தை மட்டும் கௌரவிக்பார்கள் என்ற நம்பிக்கையுடன் பார்கிறேன்....[sic]"

Not Sripriya alone, thousands of fans on social media have shared their disappointment over the result of Super Singer 6. Many fans have severely criticised Vijay TV of cheating the audience by not choosing the winner based on the public response rather picking one of their own choice.

What polls predicted?
Many fans admit that Puniya and Vikram were better singers than Mookuthi Murugan, but they did not enjoy the fan following like Murugan had. It was evident in most polls which clearly indicated that he was the favourite to lift the trophy.

His popularity among the rural audience has done the trick for him. Hence, more than the talent, votes are the deciding factor for choose a winner.

Super Singer 6 Winner
There were five contestants like Mookuthi Murugan, Punya, Vikram, Sam-Vishal and Gautham in the grand finale of Super Singer 6. In the end, Murugan won the trophy and Vikram got second place.

Punya and Sam-Vishal have ended at the third place. However, the a wonderful life awaits for them as they have got the opportunity to sing in Anirudh Ravichander's upcoming movies.

Apart from it, Murugan has got Rs 50-lakh worth flat, while Vikram got Rs 25 lakh jewellery. Punya and Sam-Vishal will get Rs 12.50 lakh worth jewellery, each, for ending at third place in Vijay TV's show.