Super Singer 7 Controversy
Super SInger 7 runners up.Vijay TV

Murugan has lifted the trophy of seventh season of Super Singer. His victory has met with mixed response as many believe that Punya and Vikram deserve the trophy more than him.

In fact, the Twitterati has erupted in anger over the result as they wanted one among Punya and Vikram to be the winner of Super Singer 6. Netizens have slammed Vijay TV of "cheating" the audience for preferring the talented contestant to the popular contestant.

Many are suggesting the channel that they would have helped Murugan in other ways if they wanted to bring the under-privileged talents to mainstream by doing charity and reality shows is not the right platform.

As per the angry fans, Punya and Vikram were highly-talented who used to impress the audience through singing different kinds of songs, but Murugan was not a trained singer, whose ability was restricted to a specific genre.

Ironically, the winner of Super Singer is choosen based on the public votes and online surveys indicated that he had the massive public support.

Check out the Angry Response of Audience:

Kamali @KamaliRajendir1:Punya or Vikram deserves first place !

Clinton Fernando @aclintonfdo: Such undeserving contestant . #Punya and #SamVishal deserves

Shankar Muniraj @shankarmuniraj8: I appreciate n welcome the fact that
@vijaytelevision wud like to help d under-privileged. But do it through #Charity, not in the name reality talent shows. It's #Unjust to real talents. Fooling ppl continues. #SuperSinger #NotDeservingWinner
@anirudhofficial @_ShwetaMohan_

Smart Mani @SmartMa33504089: The real winner is Vikram

ubuntu @Kk64262576: @vijaytelevision as usual #undeserving winner. Punya was doing great. Day by day your reality shows are going #biased . Pls stop reality show.

preethi @pree2510: Give awards to the deserving candidate . Not for this we signed up. If u want to help Murugan help him not by awards✌️

Rukaiya @Rukaiya50880374: Vikram

P S Lavanya @PSLavanya2: Even punya deserves 1st place. Totally biased

ubuntu @Kk64262576: No logic in the name of people vote pushing the talented to down in Bb3 #dharshan and in super singer #Punya .

Impravin08 @impravin08: @vijaytelevision and @MaazaIndia #Cheatingvijaytv

Kavin army Usa @KavinLosliyafc: Fraud payale Vijay TV
Kavin Anna dhaan Winner nalini❤

itsme_nalini: This is unfair!!! #Punya deserved to be winner @vijaytelevision!!!!

kamal raj @kamaln10: Never call any of your shows as talent show.. for the past few years the most talented person always fails in @vijaytelevision

Arunaprakash @arunp758: Punya deserves the title..looking forward for her music career

Uma Rajan @umarajanss: Cheat o cock Vijay TV..Punya deserves first prize..but she did not share any sober don't deserve first prize...but at least she could have been given 2ndprize along with Vikram..she is not equivalent to Sam Vishal.#SamVishal #Punya #SuperSinger #GrandFinale #2ndRunnerUp

De' @sunsflowerlove: Such a unfair move! She is so much deserving singer and you people are playing your dirty shit game on this. Simply disgusting!