Bigg Boss Tamil 3 contestant Madhumitha's fresh attack on Vijay TV.PR Handout

Madhumitha has attacked Vijay TV again. The actress, whose journey ended in a recently-concluded Bigg Boss Tamil 3, has accused the channel of misusing her husband's footage in the grand finale.

On Twitter, Madhumitha has claimed that she was not invited for the grand finale. She has said that Vijay TV used old footage of her husband and inserted it in the grand finale to give an impression to the viewers that the event had the presence of her family member.

Her husband has come up with a video clarification. "Neither I nor Madhumitha attended the grand finale because we were not invited at all, but I saw a video which showed my presence in the finale. I don't know with what intention it is being done, but it is wrong to indulge in such act," the rough translation of his confession read.

Madhumitha was shown the door after she cut her wrist out of anger inside Bigg Boss Tamil 3 house. Thus her issues with the channel started. After coming out, she blamed Vijay TV for not allowing her to meet the press and open up on the reasons which forced her to harm herself.

It was also rumoured that the channel had filed a complaint against her of threatening to commit suicide over delay in getting her payment for her stay in Bigg Boss Tamil.  

Neither the video was shared nor did the channel give the detailed account of the incident. However, as per Madhumitha, the entire house, except for Cheran and Kasturi, harassed her when she mentioned about the god being unkind towards the Tamil Nadu people over Cauvery water issue.

As it is a sensitive issue, the channel apparently did not air the incident on air.

The grand finale was aired on Sunday, 6 October. The third season of Kamal Haasan-hosted show is won by Mugen Rao from Malaysia, while Sandy is the runner-up.