SrideviJag Gundu/Getty Images

Sridevi's untimely death under mysterious circumstances at the Jumeirah Emirates Towers in Dubai had given rise to many conspiracy theories. Her millions of fans are yet to digest the fact that the legendary actress is now dead.

The death is said to have occurred due to accidental drowning in a bathtub. But the revelation of a hefty insurance policy taken in Sridevi's name continues to fuel a flurry of conspiracy theories and allegations.

Ved Bhushan, a retired ACP of Delhi Police, who visited the Dubai hotel to investigate the case is of the opinion that the actress' death looked more like a planned murder. He argued how could a 5.7-foot tall person drown in a 5.1-foot bathtub. He also suspected underworld don Dawood Ibrahim's involvement since the latter has a stronghold in the United Arab Emirates' city.

But that is not all. Sridevi's Rs 240 crore insurance policy in Oman was also brought into suspicion. According to terms of the policy, it could only be encashed if the actress died in Dubai. A petitioner Sunil Singh had earlier filed a plea in Supreme Court to challenge a Delhi High Court order seeking a probe into Sridevi's death. His lawyer Vikas Singh had raised questions about the insurance policy but the apex court rejected the plea on May 11.

While the retired cop had said that he is planning to file a fresh petition to reopen the case, fans have been raising some pertinent questions on Twitter, urging for a thorough investigation into the matter.

Who was the beneficiary of Sridevi's Rs 240 crore insurance policy? Why the hotel's CCTV footage was not released to public domain? Is there any truth to Dawood Ibrahim's involvement?

"We will now go to the Supreme Court. We are discussing things with advocates in regard to filing a fresh petition. The problem is we haven't been able to gather enough evidence, and if we could, everything would have been open in public domain. We contacted Dubai police but they are not ready to disclose anything," the former ACP had earlier told International Business Times India.

Check out Twitter reactions.

"At least the insurance company should start investigation & stop payment of insurance proceeds by filing fresh complaint. The circumstances do indicate foul play, which should have been investigated by Dubai Police without any partisan attitude. It seems investigation was well managed cover up, and the beneficiary under the insurance would hv pocked the 240 cr [sic]," a user tweeted.

Expressing his doubts over the actress' death, one user tweeted, "I suspected this right from day one; she has been murdrd on similar lines of Sunanda; a proper investigation will reveal every insider dirty tricks played in this. 240 crs is not a small amount.[sic]"

While another user tweeted, "This is murder only. how someone can drown in bath tub of 1.5 ft. only indian fools and indian investigating agencies can believe this . Even autopsy was not conducted on her body in india and they allowed cremation. Looks like it was well planned murder.[sic]"