Sunny Leone, Rannvijay Singha, Splitsvilla
Sunny Leone, Rannvijay Singha, SplitsvillaTwitter

MTV Splitsvilla 12 was turned into a battleground when the unsafe couples were given a chance to challenge the chosen ones for the ultimate power last Friday. However, after all that hate, anger and physical pain, Ashish and Miesha remained the chosen ones. And not just that, the chosen ones will now have the power to eliminate one girl and one boy from the unsafe Splitsvillans.

We saw how Ashish and Piyush went against each other during the challenge and even got physically. So it was a pretty obvious choice for Ashish to eliminate Piyush from the villa in tonight's episode of Splitsvilla 12. And the girl who was getting dumped by the chosen ones happened to be Aahana, who had been at loggerheads with Bhavya since Day 1.

While Bhavya and Ashish were happy to see Piyush and Aahana leave the dome together, the Oracle announced that if either of Piyush and Aahana become an ideal match with the names they had written in their cue cards, will be saved from elimination. Aahana had written Sambhav's name and Piyush had Aahana's name in his cue card.

As Aahana walked in front of the Oracle with Sambhav, they failed to become an ideal match but when she and Piyush asked Oracle if they are an ideal match or not, the Oracle replied with a big yes which shocked everyone in the dome. And now that Aahana and Piyush have joined the league of ideal matches with Ashish-Meisha (the chosen ones), Alfez-Aaradhna, they won't get dumped by the chosen ones until they lose in any of the upcoming challenges.

Amid all the shocking twists and turns, Rannvijay and Sunny Leone involved the unsafe Splitsvillans into a very lovable and adorable task where the boys and girls were asked to close their eyes and think about that special person who they think there could be a connection between them and eventually become an ideal match.

And surprisingly, Priyamvada and Shrey wrote each other's name and all the Splitsvillans couldn't contain their happiness leaving Jinal in dismay who had been with Shrey since Day 1. And coincidentally, Jinal had also written Shrey's name which made situations a bit awkward between the three friends.

Priyamvada cried profusely after coming inside the villa as she thought that her actions might hurt her friendship with Jinal while the latter felt sad that neither of Shrey and Priyamvada had spoken to her about their liking for each other.

Meanwhile, Bhavin Bhanushali from Mumbai, an actor, made a wild-card entry and went on a date with all the single girls of the villa. Though he was being nice and flirting with every girl, his eyes were locked onto Hridiya who also reciprocated her feelings to him.

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